Rockers Jamaica : 

These living legends of reggae, these elders to whom we owe the respect those who planted the seeds at the beginning of the history of reggae, so that the new generation can be anchored in the roots of this culture, will be on stage to pay tribute to those who gone to early . Without their voices, their melodies and their messages of revolt, injustice and pain, but also advocating love, peace and respect for their culture, reggae music would not be what it is today.

Rockers Jamaica represents the foundations and returns on stage to give to the new generation a reminder shot!

-Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace,Kiddus I,Llyod Parks & His Band “We People Band , Cedric Myton,Prince Alla,Kush Art,Jacky Parris ect....




 The Congos 

The Congos is a Jamaican reggae group formed in 1977 by Cedric Myton and Roydel Johnson. This name was chosen because it was the Congo which supplied the largest contingent of slaves to Jamaica. This duo is spotted by Lee Perry. Accompanied by baritone Watty Burnett, who would later become the third m
ember of the group, he recorded Heart of the Congos in the Black Ark studios in Kingston the same year. The group released the Congo Ashanti album two years later. Roydel Johnson left the group in 1979, after the exit of Congo Ashanti, for a solo career in England. The group, separated from Roy Johnson, released two more albums before separating. Cedric Myton and Watty Burnett met at the end of the 90s but it was not until 2006 and the release of the album Swinging Bridge to finally see the whole group again. This group is considered one of the most beautiful Jamaican harmonies, especially with the album Hear



Kiddus I :

in 1978 became a legend. In the most famous cult movie of reggae Rockers (Universal Pictures), he played a key scene when he voiced the title Graduation In Zion in front of the cameras.

Kiddus I was always surrounded with all the legends of 2000 and 2017, he took part in the Inna project of Yard initiated by the French label Makasound. Today, he has come out of his lair and we are likely to hear about him all over the world. No, it will not be too long!


Cedric Myton

 famous falsetto voice that you heard in The Congos.

He started in the 60's at The Bell Stars followed by The Tartans. The singer participated in the album The Soul Of Jamaica, second part of the series "INNA de YARD"
  Acoustic sessions recorded in the yards, gardens and backyards of Jamaican musicians.

For Cedric "Music is one of the most important things, like the language we speak, given to us, music is development for all, it's spiritual, it's physical, it's rebellious and it's revolutionary.

  it is a part of his culture, which is spiritually the gateway to spreading the message to love everyone and to share.

it's a sharing of a spiritual culture with other nations that is his great expectation and achievement. "


Eek - A -Mouse

 Eek-A-Mouse was born in 1957 in Kingston, Jamaica. It was during the historic Reggae Susplash concert in 1981 that he was applauded by a huge audience who came to pay a last tribute to Bob Marley who had just died.
He is a very important character in the history of Jamaican music because he has again created a style, the "Singjay" style, in the artist makes the DJ and sings at the same time. A style directly at the origin of the "Dancehall" movement of the 1980s. The vocal style of this DJ could make him perceive as an entertainer, but he is also able to produce songs with social themes. The phrasing and the vocal style of Eek-A-Mouse consisted in emitting all kinds of onomatopoeias, sound effects and strange noises with an oriental connotation or recalling the universe of the comic strip ("Bidibidibeng"). His great success, "Wa Do Dem", illustrates this approach well, which recalls the "scat" of Cab Calloway and Slim Gaillard. This title will be a huge success


Prince Alla

whose real name is Keith Blake, was born May 10, 1950 in Denham Town, Kingston, JA. Very quickly in contact with music via the church of his parish and his religious songs, Keith is passionate about singing. He started as a singer with The Leaders in the mid 60's. Produced by Joe Gibbs (B & C Music)
What characterizes Prince Alla is his spirituality and his involvement in the Rastafari movement. In 1969, he moved to a Rasta camp.
Accustomed to British sound systems, Prince Alla (nicknamed 'Stone') enjoys a solid reputation both as a MC and as a singer. His best album is undoubtedly his first: "Heaven is my roof"



The Scientist

The Jamaican audio engineer Scientist is one of the crucial links in a musically innovative chain that begins in the late 60s with King Tubby, progresses through Prince Jammy in the 70s, and falls to a close with Peter Chemist in the mid-80s.

A truly outstanding practitioner who thrived on innovation, Scientist helped dub reach some of its greatest heights of creativity. He became one of Jamaica’s most sought-after engineers at a very young age, his mixing artistry rising up in tandem with the Roots Radics in the late 70s and early 80s. Because of the incredible dub works he fashioned as an apprentice engineer at King Tubby’s studio, many dub fans consider Scientist to be the last of the classical Jamaican dub mixers, yet his overall contribution to the evolution of reggae is far more multifaceted than most realise.

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Flabba Holt

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1954, many know Flabba as the bassist and foundation of Roots Radics. Also known as Errol Carter, Flabba was already an established solo singer and well regarded bass guitar player by the time Radics came together. More recently, Flabba has begun to perform his own songs as a singer in his own solo show. Most of his catalog as a singer has been reissued in recent years – original copies from the 1970’s command hefty sums on EBay. He also played bass with Prince Far I And The Arabs and with The Morwells. In both of those groups he worked with Eric “Binghi Bunny” Lamont; the two of them eventually formed the Roots Radics as a means to manifest their distinct style.


Addis Pablo

born Addis Swaby son of Horace Swaby known to the world as Augustus Pablo , in a somewhat expected step has taken up a career as a performer and producer following in his father’s footsteps.

In the same tradition as Augustus Pablo and his Rockers International label/crew, Addis Pablo will take you on a musical journey where Roots Reggae meets Rastafari Spirituality and first class musicianship.

Through his music you will see the reflection of who truly he is and the interest of the musical legacy that he preserve preciously surrounded by some artists of the Rockers International Crew  , all this mixture of talents can only be appreciated to escape musically towards the foundations of the reggae culture.



Dennis Anthony Thomas, better known as King Kong, is a Jamaican deejay/singer best known for his work in the 1980s. Born in Kingston, Thomas first recorded as adeejay at Tuff Gong studios in 1982, initially working under the name Junior Kong, named after his father. His debut single was “Pink Eye”. His first album release was split with another of Tubby’s singers, Anthony Red Rose, with Two Big Bull Inna One Pen issued on Firehouse. During 1986 and 1987, Kong recorded for several of Jamaica’s top producers, including Prince Jammy, with whom he enjoyed his biggest hits with “Trouble Again” (the title track from his Jammy-produced debut album proper) and “Legal We Legal”, Black Scorpio, Harry J, Errol Thompson, Ossie Hibbert, Bunny Lee, and Prince Jazzbo. While many of his songs were typical in content of the era, several of his songs had political and cultural themes



I Kong

Errol Kong, nephew of the famous producer Leslie Kong(Beverley’s Records), starts his career at the beginning
of the 60’s with the group The Jamaicans. He then singswith Yabby You’s Prophets, as well as for the producer
Lee “Scratch” Perry under his first artist name RickyStorm, with Bunny Rugs, future Third World’s singer,
forming together the duet Ricky & Bunny. His tone reminding at times Prince Lincoln, at times Bob Marley, but which is nonetheless unique, and his one-ofa-kindvoice where emotions and sincerity mingle toform an exceptional universe will leave no one
indifferent. As he likes to recall : “I am a man who singfrom my heart”. 



Jah Defender

His blessed talent, creative musical melodies, distinctive sound, and powerful lyrics create timeless music

With the blessing of a vocal
Jah Defender use this talent to uplift the masses that he can reach out with positive balance meditation.

Jah Defender, The new messenger of reggae, is determined to flood the world with his music and his Irie vibrations

His talent is recognized globally, and is supported by many people within the music industry. Jah Defender is adamant in keeping the message of Rastafari true. Due to all these reasons, he gives all tribute to his fans as they are the ones that have fuelled his desire to continuously thrive through music